Working and living in Logan for my whole life, I feel that Logan often gets an unjustified bad rap, you may hear things like ‘Logan Bogan’, Logan is a bad area or Logan will never grow. Logan is a huge region that services 70 separate suburbs, we are talking multiple million-dollar mansions all the way to a 2-bedroom unit, and everything in between.

The area is very diverse and so is the community. Logan still has an affordable entry point, so it makes borrowing and saving for a deposit a lot quicker which means potentially quicker entry into the market.

Centrally located with multiple motorways and gateways, it is very easy and convenient to navigate around the area. Logan also offers loads of public transport, buses and trains coming every 5 minutes in some areas.

There are some pockets where you can literary be in the CBD within 15-20 minutes, comparing this to our southern neighbors in New South Wales and Victoria, this convenience would come with a minimum price tag of $1 million-plus!

Logan boasts more than 75,000 full-time jobs, 40,000 part-time jobs, and endless opportunities for small businesses. In 2021, working from home is becoming the norm and many businesses are moving away from the traditional office setting, leaving more opportunities to get a full-time position. I believe this transition is why we are seeing a significant increase in population growth in Logan.

Logan can be a great starting place to build your rental portfolio and should not be overlooked for long term growth

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