Acreage Investors and Land Bankers


Acreage properties in Western Logan are hot property for sophisticated investors looking to land bank and hold for future development.


When zoning changes these investors are seeing greater returns than the standard buy and hold strategy, often seeing an x3 return on market value. From my research and experience, there are three main categories acreage investors generally fall into.

  1. Original principal place of residence 

  2. Future principal place of residence 

  3. Holding for future development

If you fall into category 3 there are multiple boxes that need to be ticked to see excellent future returns. 


Feedback from small to medium-sized developers suggests land packages of 10-20acres of usable land, is ideal. What does this mean for you? Most likely most owners will need to partner with neighbouring properties. 


What My Logan Realty does differently to any other Property Management business: 

  1. Monitor zoning category changes for current managements and also set up notifications on future changes.
  2. Long term Town Planning contacts.
  3. Monitor neighbouring properties, finding out their property goals if it’s someone family home we need to know their long term goals to ensure it works in your best interest 
  4. Have a network of investors, if neighbouring properties become available we aim to source them for fellow investors with the same goals as yourself.
  5. Manage existing tenancies to ensure you have the right tenant in place for your long term plans. 

Future development and land banking is a long term investment plan, generally on the 5-15+ year plan, one of our jobs is to make sure the tenancy and property run smoothly through this process. 

Check what your property is zoned for HERE

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