Jimboomba has this old country town feel fused with a convenient hub for locals, with brand new shops, day-care centers, schools, and amazing parks, most of what you will ever need is within 10 minutes. Community support is a huge reason this suburb is so appealing to families, just check out the Community Facebook page, there are great caring people who are wanting to help in the community constantly. Jimboomba offers a combination of acreage, new developments on low maintenance blocks, such as in Riverton, and estates like Jimboomba Woods which is premium houses an acreage. There is an option for anyone, this explains why we have seen a huge population increase of 15.3% over the last 5 years.

Investor Insight:
Rentals only currently make up 17% of the population making the demand for rentals quite high, especially those on larger blocks. Jimboomba has seen a significant increase over the past 3 years, recording a 28.7% increase in house prices since January 2019. In July 2021 the recorded vacancy rate for the area is just 0.52%, The experts say that a solid healthy vacancy rate tends to be around the two to three percent mark or less.

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