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If an investment property is one of the biggest purchases you'll ever make, it makes sense to partner with a top local property management company to take care of it.

Here at My Logan Realty, we pride ourselves on tailoring our rental management services to each property. Our real estate property management is founded on authentic, personalised, local service.

For the Logan rental management company you can rely on, reach out to our team at My Logan Realty today


Property Management Companies near Me - FAQs

What should I ask a rental management company?

The best property management companies are Logan locals who offer transparency around what sets their services apart.

Ask your rental management company who is involved in the day-to-day running of rental management services - whether the director is involved and how well-staffed the property management department is. This will give you an indication of how well your real estate property management will be serviced.

Experience is key. Ask how many years your real estate agent has been working in real estate - and more importantly, how long with that agency and in the Logan region. Stability means a lot. The best rental property management companies know everything there is to know about the property valuations and market of the local area, and if an agent is managing your property today, they'll still be in the job in 12 or 24 months' time. 

Who does the maintenance of my property?

The landowner, or their real estate property management on their behalf, is responsible for keeping the property fit to live in and in a decent state of repair.

This means the property management companies are in charge of the ongoing maintenance of the property. Any damage due to wear and tear, or other normal use of the house and appliances, falls under their responsibility.

The tenant has responsibility for notifying of any repairs that are needed. If they or their guests cause damage from abnormal use, it becomes their remit to arrange and pay for repairs. 

For example, if walls or joinery need to be replaced due to ageing, the rental property management company organises the repairs, but if a window is broken by a ball being thrown through it, the tenant would have to organise the repairs.

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